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The first of the many audio mixing procedures is fundamental volume leveling. From that point each track is panned provide space and clarity between the given song elements. When leveling the composition is completed, the mixing process will then move to equalization, compression, and effects like: reverb, delays, chorus, flanger, etc.

Equalizers provide separation between instruments to further their clarity. Compression brings the sound of an individual instrument to a more uniform volume and includes advance separation between instruments. The combination of proper equalization and compression brings out the detail, clarity, and punch, or smoothness to the mix. Special effects give a feeling of space and dimension to the track. Reverb, delays, and choruses put instruments in a 3D space as opposed to a 2D plane.

These procedures are first utilized on the individual instruments. The instruments are then assembled by their type such as each guitar track in a single group, each drum track in another group, and so on. These instrument arrangements are then handled in a comparative way as the individual instruments. This funneling process is continued twice more until we end up with the stereo track.

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Mastering is the final stage when it comes to producing a song. Mastering of the song quickly starts off once mixing process is wrapped up. Mastering helps in identify issues that may have been missed during the mixing process.
This procedure incorporates checking the track on numerous speaker arrangements, for instance studio speakers, automobile speakers, earphones, and portable device speakers such as laptops or tablets to confirm the tune conveys well in all configurations. Any issues are corrected with equalization and varying forms of compression. Once the track has been checked the engineer will make some final artistic touches to bring the master to its fruition.

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Do you require a musician who can record a track for you? Perhaps you’re simply in need of somebody who can assist you in producing high-quality musical compositions for your tracks. If you need piano, bass, guitar, or sound design done contact with us for a quote.

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Your music should ALWAYS be protected. Filing a copyright shows the United States government who the rightful owner to a piece of creative work is. Having a copyright filed helps with any potential ownership issues, or theft of work, that may arise in a career in music. If the process is to daunting or time consuming for you contact us for a quote, and we’ll get your work protected.

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