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Feed my ego and learn about me

I’m Sean. Musically I’m known as TOA5T. I’ve been involved with music for 10 years playing in bands, DJing, recording, mixing, mastering, song writing, and music production. One of the biggest struggles I’ve had, and seen people come across, is making music that stands out. The aim of our services is to get your music to the point where it fits within its respective genre, but still manages to separate itself from the crowd.

Our services include audio Mixing, Mastering, Music Production, and Copyright Filing. Do you need your recorded tracks mixed and mastered for CD, iTunes, and Spotify? We can do that. Do you have a track that needs a little more instrumentation to fill out the composition? We can do that. Is your work protected with a copyright? If not, we can do that too.

We strive to provide a high-quality product that’s affordable for everyone. From professional musicians to bedroom producers we help music come to its fruition. Contact us for a quote: